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A.W. Griffith Transportation Consulting, LLC

A.W. Griffith Transportation Consulting, LLC specializes in all aspects of the truck, motorcoach, transit, and school bus training. Our hands-on involvement in the transportation industry has made us the most insightful experts in this field. We have served in almost every capacity in this industry, spanning the past 25 years. Consequently, we have obtained comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the requirements promulgated by the federal motor carrier safety regulations (FMCSRs), 19-A, and other federal and state regulations, which combined commercial vehicle and bus industries operations. Additionally, we have come to possess keen insight as to the industry standards, which are addressed in almost every company’s case. These include corporate organization, maintenance, risk management, operations, safety, and other compliance issues.

A.W. Griffith Transportation Consulting, LLC’s overriding goal is to provide clients with an honest and forthright assessment of the highest quality. Our company is the client’s best source for professional service. A.W. Griffith Transportation Consulting, LLC has decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience. We are able to provide the most value and innovation per dollar spent.

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