Comprehensive Vehicle Training & Instruction

At A.W. Griffith Transportation Consulting, LLC, we offer vehicle training and instruction for those learning how to drive a truck, motor coach, or school bus. We are based in Springfield Gardens, New York, and serve clients worldwide.


A.W. Griffith Transportation Consulting, LLC specializes in all aspects of truck, motor coach, transit, and school bus training. We have also introduced new and improved methods for quality vehicle operator recruitment. In addition, we have created a viable plan for the healthy aging of truck, bus, and motor coach operators. A.W. Griffith Transportation Consulting, LLC is the number one source for professional service.

A.W. Griffith Transportation Consulting, LLC's Services Include:

Creating Company Emergency Preparedness Plan & Safety Bulletins

Physical Driver Training & Eco-Driving Training Classes

All NYS 19-A Services, including Road Testing & File Upkeep

Assistance with DOT & Insurance Company Audits

Accident Investigation & Undercover Driver Evaluations

Providing Bus Expert Witnesses for Litigation

Classroom & Online Courses

Instruction in Customer Service

Stress Fatigue Awareness

Accident Prevention Classes

Log Book Training & Compliance

Driver Wellness Programs

Utilizing the Bus Athlete System

Defensive Driving Classroom and Online

The Need for Defensive Driving

Motor vehicle crashes are the No. 1 cause of occupational fatalities and the leading cause of death for ages 2-39 and ages 50-72. Plus, the increasing number of new drivers and vehicles on the road creates a continuing need for defensive driving training across all age groups.

AWGTC Partners to Save Lives

A.W.G.T.C. has been a partner with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, privately owned businesses and many others in the public and private sectors to improve traffic safety. Stronger laws and enforcement, coupled with effective campaigns.

Contact us in Springfield Gardens, New York, to receive customized training specifically designed to meet the needs of your company.